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Parul Sharma, Reza Mazloom, Caitilyn Allen, Michael J. Stulberg, Gwyn A. Beattie, Mohammad Arif, Lenwood Heath, Kellye A. Eversole and Boris A. Vinatzer.  Poster and Oral Abstract. "Genome-based circumscription of cool-virulent Ralstonia solanacearum strains in an attempt to improve their regulation."  (Abstr.) Phytopathology 110:S1.34.

Gwyn A. Beattie, Jan E. Leach, Kellye A. Eversole, Linda l. Kinkel, Steven E. Lindow, Carolyn A. Young, Debora l. Hamernik, Jacqueline Fletcher, Leland S. Pierson, Andrew S. Jones, Susan M. Huse, Thomas Varghese, Kelly D. Craven, Vanessa l. Bailey, Steven l. Rideout, Magalie Guilhabert-Goya, Larry J. Halverson, William Buckner, Gary W. Felton, Clair M. Fraser (2016). Phytobiomes:  A Roadmap for Research and Translation.

Pippenger, Nicholas, Segall, Richard S., Berleant, Daniel, Eversole, Kellye A., Mustell, Robert A., Vicuna-Requesens, Deborah and Hood, Elizabeth A., Extracting Numerical Information about Corn Composition from Texts, Proceedings of the 19th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI 2015), volume 2, pp. 93-98, July 12-15, 2015, Orlando, FL.

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