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Bob Mustell has fifty years of experience in various roles primarily in the food processing industry. As principle of RAM Associates, he led the strategic plan for the Iowa Corn Promotion Board’s programs for research and the expansion of ethanol production in Iowa.

As Vice President of Marketing for the National Corn Growers Association, he worked with Eversole Associates on the Plant Genome Initiative, for which over $1 billion has been appropriated for the NSF on plant genomic science. Through public relations and lobbying efforts in conjunction with the corn processing industry, he extended the Federal support for renewable fuel ethanol.

As former President and general Manager of Froedtert Malt, major supplier to Anheuser Busch, sales were increased 20% with three of the major brewers.

At A.E. Staley, now Tate & Lyle, as Director of Manufacturing, Bob was directly responsible for eight food starch processing plants. He converted a commodity corn wet mill to specialty products primarily for the processed food industry. Kraft General Foods was the major customer for many of the specialty food products.

Bob managed Revere Sugar’s largest operation in Brooklyn, NY and earlier as Quality Control Manager he developed procedures to detect and eliminate anaerobic contamination of the liquid sugar destined for canned low acid foods. He developed proprietary on line testing equipment to reduce product losses.



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