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Quarantine Pest Information Data Sheet Research Project

IE-SCS is working with the University of Maryland and the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to broaden the mutual missions of  safeguarding agriculture and the environment, including urban landscape and forests, from the introduction and establishment of plant pests. There are many quarantine pests that could seriously affect agriculture or the environment should they become established in the United States.

IE-SCS's team of plant pathologists are researching and preparing data sheets to help APHIS with this project. Each NAPPRA data sheet includes: accepted pest genus and species nomenclature, host range, damage potential, and the original scientific literature cited.

This project will increase APHIS’ ability to safeguard agriculture and the environment by providing the information necessary to propose quarantine pests, and their host pathways, for inclusion in the new NAPPRA import category.

Lori Leach manages this project and the team of plant pathologists which includes Angela Records, Jacque Fletcher, Jagger Harvey, and Sue Tolin.

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