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The Phytobiomes Alliance is an international, nonprofit alliance of industry, academic, and governmental partners.

Phytobiomes are all of the living organisms in, on, and around plants, and encompass the many organisms that influence or are influenced by the plant or the plant environment, including the soil. As a system, phytobiomes consist of other plants, animals (insects and nematodes), and a wide diversity of microbes (collectively referred to as the “plant microbiome”). Due to the diverse and dynamic processes carried out by biome members, phytobiomes have a critical role in the sustained health and productivity of plants, plant ecosystems, and consumers of plants and plant products.

The vision of the Phytobiomes Alliance is that by 2025 all farmers would have the ability to use predictive and prescriptive analytics to choose the best combination of crop/variety, management practices, and inputs for a specific field in a given year taking into consideration all physical (climate, soil…) and biological conditions (microbes, pests, disease, weeds, animals….).

The mission of the Phytobiomes Alliance is to establish a science and technology foundation for site-specific, phytobiome-based enhancement of the sustainable production of food, feed, and fiber.

Eversole Associates has managed the Phytobiomes Alliance since its creation in 2016, with Kellye Eversole serving as the Executive Director and Lori Leach as Chief Operating Officer. Team members currently under contract with the Phytobiomes Alliance include Caugant and Hogan.

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